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Since 1971 with the launch of the "Black Mask", RÉMY LAURE provides thousands of beauty institutes in the world with high quality skincare products, a total service, as well as a friendly training for beauticians. At RÉMY LAURE, the most important person is the customer. Their products meet success in more than 22 countries thanks to a high quality and synergy between the latest cosmetic technologies and the purest natural ingredients. They assist beauticians and importers on a permanent basis: frequent training, website, samples, posters, gifts, and much more…  

Originally created in 1921 in the perfumery sector by the grandfather of the current director, the company changed its name in 1971 and acquired its own manufacturing unit in 1984 to deal with a rapid expansion. Using the most modern technologies, the research laboratory constantly develops new formulas and textures to adapt to the new needs of the customers. Their factory has all the high quality equipment necessary to carry out the complete production cycle to the finished product.

Their experience of "Moor Therapy" (Beauty treatments by the Earth) for 34 years, a permanent search for new sludge from all over the world and a high quality of formulas allow Rémy Laure to propose effective beauty treatments and Authentic.

Remy Laure

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