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An accomplice of Edith Piaf since his debut, Jean d'estrées also exercises his talent in cinema, both in Europe with Michèle Morgan and Claudia Cardinale and in Hollywood. It sublimates the beauty of Lauren Bacall, invents Bette Davis ' falling mouth and, inspired by Rita Hayworth, he coordinates lipstick with nail polish. First reserved for an elitist clientele, the beauty secrets of the most beautiful women of the world will then be revealed to the general public. Beginning 70, the brand develops its know-how and an important network of institutes. Brand specialists create ultra-high-performance cabin care protocols.

Since the beginning of the years 2000, and under the impulse of its new owner, Jean d'estrées is now a global brand of cosmetics out of fragrance. The offer includes, since the launch in 2004 of the brand So nature, ranges of organic products or of natural origin, both for the face and for the body.

The Jean d'estrées brand is mainly distributed in the Institute and in the SPA, because it predominates the Council, the efficiency and the concern for the well being of the clients. The brand is thus based on the professionalism of beauticians in order to propose an offer always adapted and renewed.

Women are diverse in their culture, physical and physiological characteristics, and expectations. Jean d'estrées responds to this diversity by developing a professional know-how which is based on exclusive care methods practised in the Beauty Institute and in the SPA, new formulas created by our laboratory from the riches of the world that we Surrounds, in which are drawn the most appropriate assets that they are of marine origin, mineral but also derived from the traditional cosmetics.

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