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  • Feeling light
  • Less aches and pains
  • Treats the cold
  • A new skin in depth
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Here is the last of the treatments offered by your institute. A special way of caring for yourself and your body, alone (the) or between friends, you can enjoy the benefits of the hammam up to 3 times a week and regain this sensation of lightness.

The ritual begins first by taking a shower which will eventually allow optimum breathing of your epidermis. Then open the door and let yourself be invaded by the intensity of this soothing heat at 100% moisture.

The temperature of the hammam calms the muscular tensions, the body aches and promotes sleep. Sweat glands secrete perspiration and eliminate waste, cleaning the epidermis in depth. Here is a refreshing treatment that will also enjoy the aching and macho athletes who will find the tonicity.

Eucalyptus species are often added to the water vapour with decongestant and soothing properties for the bronchi. The hammam proves to be excellent in case of cold.

After the session of the Hammam your beautician is there to offer you his scrub with honey or spices to really make new skin and in order to moisturize the body at best, a massage with a mixture of essential oils, honey and lulur (yoghurt).

[Dt_sc_h5 title = "Beldi Soap"] [Dt_sc_clear] Soft vegetable paste made with olive oil and seaweed extracts, beldi soap or black soap is used by the Moroccan population for a long time for body hygiene and deep exfoliation. Beldi soap is used in the hammam. The soap is applied all over the body 10 to 20 min, rinsed with warm water and the beautician begins the exfoliation by the back with a special glove Kassa. Remember that the scrub activates the capillary and lymphatic circulations while making your skin soft and purged of toxins and impurities in depth.

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