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  • Deer eyes!
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We all dreamed of having long lashes of biches, to the endless curve… But here, nature has made us with lashes all stiff, and all the mascaras recourbants have done nothing so far! So what to do…

A perm, a raise! Yes, don't be surprised, a perm is not just for hair and it's not aggressive. We can make them a perm with suitable products that will not attack your eyelashes.

And I explain even how: the perm of the lashes is based on the same principle as the permanent hair, obviously with lesser dosages, given the sensitivity of the eyes. It consists of bending the eyelashes temporarily, 2 to 3 months depending on the case.

It does not damage the eyelashes because of the length of time that separates two applications. To make the effect, it is then enough to do a stain of the eyelashes, or simply, to apply a layer of mascara.

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